Saturday, September 8, 2012


The soul learns to make conscious decisions on everything in its life and meticulously implement them. The darkside isn't allowed to get away with anything. This is only achieved after continuous monitoring and stocktaking which brings the existence and activities of the darkside under the microscope. This is learning the enemy to defeat it. The next step is to intercept all non-decided attempts to behave, and to override it.The darkside, however, never takes no for an answer. It operates on a 'stop me if you can' principle. This is where research and experimentation comes in, as one devises methods to stop it. Research gives techniques, tips and things-to-try, whether it is from religion, spiritual groups, or from completely outside the field. In this way, one is configuring a soul lifestyle and developing a soul modus operandi, doing what it takes to fight and defeat the usurping darkside. Error and success in creating desirable change can be noticed by the soul/experimenter, and adjustments are made accordingly.

The evil majority in society attacks those bodies whose souls break free, or threaten to do so. If you do not posses the 'mark of the beast', you are black-listed, marginalized, discriminated against, set up and ruined, if not killed by snake-power. Attack is meant to suppress the soul and help the darkside. Regress for the soul means progress for the darkside. For a soul to weather that storm and survive, is a defeat for the darksiders. This feat is not achieved by guess. It is the result of walking straight, hand in hand with God, while learning the darkside to defeat it. Research and intuition bonds to give you that unorthodox science which is the 'overwhelming force' that dethrones the darkness within. As conviction of the truth grows, the resolve grows. As methods are experimented with, the sense of purpose is awakened. With every little victory, the willpower that was previously suppressed, is restored. Eventually, one gazes on the madding crowd of darksiders with pity. Know that they will attack and it is only preparation, tools and techniques which will blunt their attack or render them powerless. This becomes the new life.

The second biggest obstacle to the awakening of suppressed or sleeping souls is the old paradigms of religion and orthodox spirituality. Souls acquiesce in their bondage to the modus operandi enacted by popular paradigms, and do not strike out for freedom beyond that rut. The road to its own lifestyle and destiny, as owner/ruler of its body, is either unknown or very obscure. The darkside, too, grabs on to the security and comfort of familiar doctrines, and the companionship of other believers. That sense of belonging, of being part of something, is just another leash by which the darkside within is tethered by the society's offerings.

These paradigms stifle and put souls to sleep because their rallying cries are blind faith, surrender and belief. These make fools of the Scientific Method and Art of Logic which are operative in practically everything else in our lives. Everyday we operate in a world of cause and effect, and the processes which link the two. This is a world of how things work, and reasons for things not working. It is a world of information and knowledge. It is the same brain that is accustomed to processing observations, do experimentation and generate conclusions that is being told by these old paradigms that these skills are useless when it comes to salvation. Faith and belief are knowledge-based in daily life but must be blind in religious things.

That same brain which reviews the evidence before concluding is being told that no evidence is necessary in religion, and that one just has to accept that the soul gets salvation on death, or afterwards. In addition, we are told that it is a done deal (there is nothing extra for us to do) or it is ordained by God pending our prayers, rituals, devotion, worship, pilgrimages etc. Everything is God's grace, they say, including those whose names are written in the Book of Life. They were chosen to be saved. What role is there, therefore, for the 'person'? None except prayer, worship, attending services, paying tithes, taking part in traditional celebrations, giving charity and other things: all that is acceptable to society, priestcraft and peers.

If one looks at the specialist branches of Yoga as evolved from the so-called Masters, they do not specifically name or target the darkness within. Yet, some techniques do fight the darkness, in practice. What is called the lower nature, is in fact the darkside: a separate and different substance from Atma or soul. Some branches, such as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as practised, actually build the darkside within. The 'visions', powers and astral journeys belong to the darkside, not the soul. So, even those orthodox spiritual disciplines, which are away from mainstream religion, and despite the fact that they have some soulbuilding tips, are fraught with failure i.e. the salvation they promise do not manifest. Salvation cannot be obtained unless it is from the darkside, within and outside. Unlike other salvation claims, soulbuilding as a path produces changes one can experience, as soul becomes empowered.
So, the problem with the old paradigms of religion is that they do not lay out a methodology for executing a path in which changes (causes) are instituted to induce other changes (effects) which are experiencible while alive. The expected changes are to take place at such a time (death or afterwards) when we cannot project that we will be conscious of them. This mechanism is dubious especially since we HOPE that God or the fructification mechanism kicks in for us. We are therefore walking on a path for which we have no corroboration. Nobody receiving such salvation has returned to say that it works out like that. Without details on how the path is executed, what the steps are and what changes to expect, there is no progress or progression that we can measure.
What is the use of traveling on a pathway, if we do not experience changes as we walk? These changes must felt by the soul: the beneficiary of the salvation journey. That our lifestyles have changed, that we no longer entertain 'bad' habits, that we feel uplifted by God-discourses, that we feel that we belong, that we have more hope now, that we now have purpose in our lives....all these superficial changes to our previous circumstances do not mean that our souls are more saved than before. TO BE CONTINUED ........

There Is No Choice 4

How to weaken the darkness within, so that it cannot act as a traitor, as a sellout or as the darksiders communication-link to the soul, is the key question in soulbuilding. In this, the truth of within becomes the truth that sets you free. One has to don the garb of a scientist, and the cloak of an experimental researcher, to dig within and see what is there that welcomes, and gives life to, this darkside enemy. One has to become a scribe and keep diaries diligently, both of one's internal happenings and of one's behavior in the external world. Behaviors can be credited to one of two forces, soul or darkside. One has to be aware of all those behaviors, subtract those that were soul-decided, then one would know which are the darkside's. Only consciously made decisions belong to the soul. If the soul did not decide certain behaviors in the outside world or in the body, who or what did?

The soul is alert for truth and enlightenment to pursue from childhood. What is presented to it by family upbringing and traditions, by the culture of race or nation, by schooling, by religion, by the media, by peers and by society, do not give it food for growth. Interest dies. Besides, the ambiguities, inconsistencies and outright hypocrisies in the system's offerings, only serve to keep soul searching until the system's paradigm of 'get education-get career-get married-get kids-make money/pay bills-enjoy-retire-die' takes over. This pattern or the inability to do it like this, feeds only the darkside. Nothing so far teaches the soul how to build itself or how to cut the darkside down. The darkside within builds unchallenged because its modus operandi is nourished and unfettered. The darkside is very good at chasing money, status, material accumulation and enjoyments. When this is all that is available or possible, the soul acquiesces in 'what is acceptable' as a way of life, to its detriment. Until some encouraging knowledge draws awake the soul's interest, life will continue to be 'same old, same old'. Truth and knowledge energizes the soul's consciousness just as material consumption, power and accumulation energizes the darkside's consciousness.

There are three behavioral modes that exude from bodies: 1) the self-decided actions of the soul with darkside suppressed, 2) the darkside's behavior with soul suppressed, and 3) soul expression in some things and darkside expression in others. If one observes human beings, one will see that the darkside governs the vast majority of mankind. The reason for this is that darkside societies approve and promote it. They do not approve of souls controlling their own bodies and behavior. Souls, especially resilient souls, are attacked, marginalized and killed because 'the beast' alone is allowed to govern bodies. The system, too, feeds the dark side, both in terms of success and in terms of programming. Look at who is wealthy! Look at the effects of media advertising in creating mindless consumers who are unaware of the deleterious effects on their health, of the processed foods, the pharmaceuticals, and the trinkets that they lust after.

Resilient souls know the secret of how the darkness within operates, and fight it. F.E.A.R., which stands for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL, is how the darkside within deceives the soul into acquiescence, in order to perpetrate its behavior and agenda. The FEAR that we know is only one instance of FALSE EVIDENCE that the darkness presents to pre-empt any soul response. The darkside creates sensations within the body (moods, feelings, hungers, thirsts, desires, urges, incompleteness, forgetfulness etc) and allows the soul to believe that these are produced by the soul itself. The soul says that, “ Since this is me feeling like this within, the behavior suggested is okay“. In this deceived state, the soul lets the darkside continue onwards to produce the behavior or non-response it desires. Nobody has informed the soul that it must evolve its own method since the darkside is doing all of this.  This is how the cunning, deceptive darkside usurps the government of the body from the soul.

The darkside within uses other elements in this complete deception. The attention of the soul is assaulted by darkside-generated thoughts, suggestions, images, hallucinations, memories, promises of fulfillment, false notions ( happiness), likes and dislikes, attractions or revulsions etc etc. The darkside prepares the internal platform for action, then actually does the action. It is fully able to execute actions by its control of the flesh. So, initially, at least, beating the soul in the head by FALSE EVIDENCE is its focus. With time, the mechanism becomes automatic and the soul is simply bypassed, in everything. This state of things gets worse since darksides believe in SPEED. For them, the faster they can move, initiate, or respond, the more the darkside-doer is to be admired. This adds ego-building to the darkside repertoire and effectively shuts the door on the soul. The soul gets no opportunity to use its slower 'look before you leap' modus operandi. Any soul who wishes to regain its control of the body, must learn to slow things down and stop, before the body gets hurt. This is where meditation does the work that vacations cannot.

It is the darkside within and its activities which prevents the soul from experiencing its 'peace that surpasseth all understanding' or bliss. It becomes hidden behind the facade of the darkside's life and the doorway back to it has a 'BORING' sign, put there by the darkside. The darkside engages in all this activity and drama to chase its version of happiness experienced as enjoyments, fun, consumption, conquest, fame and status, drama etc. The system comes ready-made for the exploits of the darkside while darkside society suppresses and persecutes soul people. The global occult elites and their local clones work hand in hand to keep souls from rising up to take control of their bodies and their lives, and from having any influence on other souls. Only, those bodies with the 'beasts' in control are allowed to strive or shine.

The next move would be to watch out for the likely eruption of darkside behaviors and suppress them by saying NO, FALSE EVIDENCE. The darkside within resorts to temptation, speed of execution and various kinds of powerful urges in the body to overpower the soul, and have its way. The rule is that if the soul did not decide to behave or to experience anything within its body, then nothing should take place. The consciousness should be empty and calm and the body should be at rest. If the soul isn't causing the deviations from this, an intruder is responsible. That tyranny must be stopped, forever.

So, the list of things that soul must decide, applies not only to behavior, but to thoughts that appear in one's head; to feelings, emotions, desires, urges, thirsts,and a range of sensations experienced within; and to the almost 'automatic' nature by which the senses operate. One has to faithfully record these initially, as they occur. As one gets accustomed to monitoring the consciousness for occurrences that soul did not decide, and disallowing them from proceeding further, the occurrences diminish. All writing did was to help us to know ourselves by focusing awareness within. The darkside is always focused on its hunting grounds outside. This begins the process whereby the soul retrieves its hijacked attention and keeps it for its own use.

There Is No Choice 3

If a darkside loses ground within because a soul fights back, those on the outside come to its rescue. Since all darksides are basically the same substance, energy boosts are easy to transmit. Besides, like vibrates with like: a darkside 'comes alive' when other darksides are in the vicinity. The darksides are on top, for the reason that darksiders are the vast majority in society. Each darkside is invisibly hooked up to other darksides. The 'darkside' is comprised of several tribes, and each tribe has its own unique link-up or wavelength. In society's games, each tribe uses a different 'color' to play, live and die for.

Souls also 'come alive' in the company of other souls but they do not have any link-up to each other. Souls are vertically integrated i.e. they are connected from earth to the heavens. The 'spark' that is soul is connected to the 'fire' or Super-soul. Darksides are horizontally integrated i.e. they are connected across the surface of the earth. These are consciousness and communication connections. The soul connection yields intuited guidance and knowledge. The darksides, through 'eyeball-reading' and substance-oneness, connects with darksides and reads 'minds': of soul people, of their tribe, of other tribes, or of the occult masters and perhaps of the devil himself.

Darksiders use this mind-reading ability to catch their soul-prey. A soul that cannot have any secrets cannot plan any counter moves, because all plans will be known to the enemy. This can cause a soul to give up and commit suicide. That power is, however, very fallible, since cunning cannot defeat intelligence. Any plan can be hidden among all the junk that darksiders read. Better yet, make several plans. It is easy to deceive any mind-reader by writing lies. That is no sin and is a very good lesson to teach nasty beings who can't mind their own business. Souls do have the causal world of ideas to plan in. There, ideas are formless, and if they are never fleshed out into words, they remain undetectable to the darksiders.

To really work on a soul, the darksiders work on a companion-darkside to the one present in the soul's body. If a darkside stuffs a body with darkside food, all similar darksides enjoy it. If the darksiders, for example, 'cooks' a companion-darkside, the soul feels his body being 'cooked' too. (This is the kind of terminology the darksiders use in the Sex School. They invented their own sex school dialect so that what they do resembles more the work of a kitchen engineer, than that of cheap fornicators and peddlers of sin and evil). Thus, the darksiders have to 'shoot' a few core darksides with snake-power, to affect and hurt many souls. Of course, they can target specific souls or bodies. Now, even that energy can be defeated.

The only weakness the soul has, really, is the darkside(s) in its body. It functions as a mole, a spy, a transmitter, and a receiver for the darksiders. It grants the darksiders free and open access to the soul and its body. This is the 'weakness' that darksiders exploit to suppress souls, en masse, and hoist their own kind as bosses in those bodies. When one looks at the numbers of darksiders present in society, the phrase 'If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them', gains meaning.

If the suppressed or sleeping souls get the willpower and the methods for overturning the tyranny forced on them, perhaps they will be able to stop, or at least temper, the destruction scripted for earth by the elites. The darkside masses revel in their consciousness. They cannot have enough drama, fun, games and preying on good people. They do not see, and don't want to see, the fact of elite and banker tyranny. Let these creations of darkside occultists suffer for their stupidity. As darksiders, they fully know what they do. It is time that good people look after their own survival

The masses are mostly people who fell in step with the elite-scripted evolution of civilization. Their education was undertaken with money in mind, not knowledge or truth. Many could not sit still enough to do their lessons or hang in there long enough to see some sense in it all. What is studied, the school culture, hanging out, sex, drugs, fun, the greed ingrained in them by the system, the pursuit of consumption and distractions, the 24/7 mental focus on the sex-school participation of each 'color' with frequent updates....all these and more create only darksides, as the elites planned. What matters to them is their money, their fun, their games, playing themselves, their destruction of souls/good guys and their bodies, being stars and bosses in society, and all the things that darksiders love to do.

Intelligent people who saw the moves that created the trap, especially economic slavery, were not heeded by any but other intelligent people. The darksiders in the masses don't care. They want to be society's bosses: nobody is going to take that local empire from them! Elite plotting is all conspiracy theory, to them. The masses do not want to save themselves. From what, they ask. Good guys or intelligent people cannot fight for the masses.
 Souls build, once awakened. This is what the darksides at the top and at the base of the pyramid do not want. The masses keep down or destroy any threats to the elites that may well up from the local level. Only awake souls, with their propensity for defeating darksides, are threats to the occult elites and their darkside clones called the masses. Awake souls bring down God's input as INTUITION. The darksiders absolutely do not want satan to have any rival, on earth. The Global bosses and the local bosses both love their positions of supremacy. They revel in their materials, their powers, and their predatory natures. Good guys, intelligent people, souls, fighters.....whatever sobriquet works best, these people need to start looking out for their own. They must fight back on their own. The masses do not have your backs!

There Is No Choice 2

Soulbuilding is a continuous journey, every minute of life. As the darkness within is progressively weakened, consciousness and health improves. Life becomes nice, joyful. The old enemies have lost their power, except in a physical sense. These transformations arise out of one's own efforts. It is the experience of change, instituted by self-effort, which informs the soul that it is doing something right. What one should do, to further extend the victory charge, while guarding against the sneaky launchings of past darkside attack-modes, is the enlightenment one needs. This is to be obtained by one's own research, and from those who have traveled this way before.

Research is soulbuilding, too. Any doing or being, that deepens Awareness or augments Intelligence/Knowledge, grows the soul. So, having received one tip, the soul utilizes it, while exploring what comes next, and what else can be of use, in this battle for freedom from the darkside. There are many Gurus and Spiritual paths out there, each beckoning the neophyte to join up. Their literature is inspiring and their methodologies are full of promise. Soulbuilding, however, is self-done and crowds are distracting. To beat the darkside, one's awareness must be on full alert. The darkside, within and outside, will fight back, with old and new tricks.

The darkside, within, has the whole world of darksiders, as allies in this war. Their purpose is to use the bodies of souls to create hell on earth, to rule things, to play themselves, and to have a ball while accomplishing all that. That the bodies belong to souls, and that this is stealing, is of no import to them. Darksides care only about the welfare of darksides, and will wage eternal war on souls to keep them down, and use their bodies.

Darksides don't care about the bodies they use. Their indulgences, depravities, excesses and abuses destroy those bodies. Bodies are for the darksides to enjoy with. Bodies that are required to produce or accommodate excessive tiltillation, go bad quickly. When the body is no longer capable of sustaining the level of enjoyment required, the soul, though still yoked, must pick up the pieces. The darkside society usually destroys the bodies they can't completely control. They use entrapments, set-ups, accidents, crime and raw snake-power to kill or maim. They use material deprivation, sleep deprivation and mind control tricks to ruin good people, to force suicide or insanity, or to render the soul person unable to oppose them.

Souls cannot live like the darksiders in society. The latter use food and drink which empower them, regardless of the bad effects on the body. For a soul to use those same foods, is to build one's darkside, and to give ill-health to the body. The darkside becomes more powerful as the body grows sick and conjested. The more powerful the darkness within, the more powerful are the incoming 'shots' from the darksiders on the outside. This is not the time for hopelessness, as souls are wont to respond. It is time to put the brain in gear and fight back.

Research is needed: information on foods you use and like, information on what is good for you, and information on sources etc. Understand why you use the foods you do. Is it taste, easy availability, too busy, cost, tradition, purchased and prepared by others, fashionable, etc etc? Research must be done on what the body needs for optimum health, and which foods supply those. Then use those foods and judge for yourself. Ongoing research will keep giving you better choices, so you add and delete from your menus accordingly. Food and drink is not all, but its a start. Research will reveal that elimination of toxins is as important as adding nutrients to the body. Efforts to change one's diet will definitely show up the darkside within, and it will assert and reassert its preferences.

Souls depend on food for all of their energy. Meditation does recharge the body, if it is done correctly. Darksiders on the other hand, have the power to ionize energy and use good energy to restore harmony to the body and to calm the darkside. They can also use bad energy or snake-power to produce pain and tension in the body. Women are particularly well-endowed with the ability to ionise and direct energy, and to produce various other kinds of energy. This is why society revolves around the darkside tribes playing games for powerful women, around the sex school and taking 'cherries'. The darkside tribes want female energy-warriors, energy-suppliers to make the darkside males feel good, and fun-loving boy-toys.

Shapeshifters are unique cases. They appear to be darksides with their own bodies. They can change their bodies to look like any other human body. Some can de-materialize their bodies, wholly or in part. They have all kinds of energy powers and are sought after for their snake-power. The science behind their shape-shifting and their powers, is not known. No matter what energy can do to harmonize a body, the body functions with proper nutrition. Eventually, darkside-ruled bodies falter. Souls have Intelligence not cunning. With proper nutrition and attention to health, their bodies can last long and not be controlled by the darkside. This is the principal way of building the soul.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There Is No Choice 1

Souls are the invisible owners of human bodies, and are resident in the brains. The qualities of soul substance are intelligence/knowledge, awareness/consciousness and harmony/bliss. The darkside are also invisible, are resident in bodies ,but own those bodies in very rare cases i.e. they are possessing entities or invaders, with the goal of dominating the functions and behavior of the body. While the soul has an internal life, the darkside is focused entirely on the outside world.
The darkside has the opposite qualities to the soul i.e. cunning instead of intelligence, obeying programming instead of awareness, and negative self-esteem and disharmony, instead of harmony. There are other contrasts between soul and darkside substances: souls have understanding and compassion while the darkside is fueled by predatory instincts such as greed, anger, jealousy, desires etc. The darkside's substance is gross/heavy/dense as compared to lightness or subtleness of the soul. It is the darkside which controls the vast majority of bodies on earth now.
Soulbuilding is what spirituality is all about. Souls that don't build, like most of mankind now, are doomed to enslavement to the darkside, within, and in the society. Souls must seize control by fighting back against the darkside. Soulbuilding is always accompanied by darkside disintegration. Darkside building is always accompanied by soul slumber.
Souls are not predatory and have largely missed the fact that there is a war going on within: for the control of its consciousness, for the body's behavior in the external world and for the territory of the body. Mostly, souls' bodies were possessed in infancy by the darkside, courtesy the occult elites, and the darksides in societies everywhere. The latent soul got no help to awaken and establish itself because religion, tradition, society and the system, all nurtured the dark side. Now, how do you tell an asleep soul that it's body is possessed when the ruling darkside, within, will assert that it is a lie, and that you are crazy?
Darksides will do everything to prevent souls from building because that process results in a reduction of themselves. All the darkside does is to build iself. It is a 'doing' organism which likes to 'play' itself. The soul is a 'being' organism which uses its body for necessary action. Since darksides within won't give ground willingly, that ground must be taken by overwhelming force. The body is homeground for the darkside because conditions, in there, favor it. Discover what those conditions are, change them , and the darkside weakens. It is a fallacy that no darkside can occupy the body of someone who prays to God regularly, and is religious. Often, it is the darkside doing the praying while displaying piousness, faith and tremendous emotion.
This building of the soul begins with its recognition of the truth. The soul can experience its suppression. It can experience the use of its body by the darkside. In doing this, souls have to lay down the law: whatever actions that the body is going to do, must be first decided consciously by the soul itself. These decisions will be guided by reason and logic, not by any sensation, thirst, feeling or urge experienced in the body. If this is rigorously adhered to, the darkside will oppose all self-made decisions, and assert its own usual modus operandi. Thus it is that the darkside makes its presence known, and the war begins as the soul frees its consciousness, and reclaims its body.